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web page changes? Oh no! not again (Smack)

Explorer A

What happened to the "My Account page"?  Today changed to only view 2 flights / page (With a new Right side bar that has unnecessary ads (Credit cards) rather than the previous option of (6)  (Sorry my screen captures (as .jpgs) don't show in message. 


Any ideas for "View in CLASSIC mode!". 😉 

Very painful with 40 future flights to track (2 at a time) 




Re: web page changes? Oh no! not again (Smack)

Aviator A

Sadly it's been so long since I've had flights booked that I don't remember seeing more than 2 of my booked flights at a time without having to scroll to the right so even the old had its limitations


You can read more about the new changes and provide comments in this thread:


The author of the post has been responding so I would leave feedback there.