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1 hour layover at LAX

Explorer C

Our flight changed for our trip to Hawaii. We will have one hour at LAX to make our connecting flight from Dallas to Maui. Is that enough time to make our connecting flight? or should be look at changing our flight? 


Re: 1 hour layover at LAX

Aviator A

One hour is normally plenty of time - pending no delays! Some connections are as tight as 30 minutes.



Re: 1 hour layover at LAX

Aviator A

Plenty of time.  You could probably grab a sandwich and hit the bathroom in that time too.

As mentioned before, this assumes flights are on time.



Re: 1 hour layover at LAX

Frequent Flyer A

But...remember that boarding can begin up to 30 minutes before the departure time. 


If you have an A boarding position and your first flight arrives late, then you might not be there when the A positions board, thus losing your ability to choose a better seat.   If your first flight arrives on time, then your extra 30 minutes before boarding begins can be put to good use...for that sandwich fish taco from Wahoo's 😋.


If you are content to just make the flight, 1 hour is fine.

Re: 1 hour layover at LAX

Frequent Flyer C

No problem at all.


All of the SW gates at LAX are literally within 1-2 minutes of each other.


You could probably do more than just grab a sandwich (as another poster mentioned up above).  You could probably grab a sit down meal and go to the bathroom and browse for some reading material before having to board.