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Abilene needs you

Explorer C

Please come to Abilene please texas your in midland Odessa Amarillo Lubbock but no Abilene 


Re: Abilene needs you

Aviator A

Since this is a customer forum, Southwest may not hear your request.


To make sure that the airline does get your request, use this link:

Re: Abilene needs you

Explorer C

We moved to Abilene in August. So far we have flown round trip  out of Love Field 5 times. We would fly at least 6-7 times a year and know we our family would be flying here if Southwest came this way. The almost 3 hr trip to Dallas/Ft Worth area is tiring and airport parking can be costly. With this area growing in leaps and all of the military plus family we need another airlines to serve Abilene.  Who better than my FAVORITE airlines- Southwest! Please consider us in your future planning!!!