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Adding flights to savannah ga

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Hi, I love flying southwest and I live in Savannah, Ga.. it would be amazing if southwest could start flying out of the airport here. I know AirTran use to fly out of Savannah until they merged with southwest.  The airport here has announced plans to add additional gates.  Is there any news on adding Savannah in the future?? 


Re: Adding flights to savannah ga

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I know I have seen a few requests lately for service to/from Savannah. The best thing to do is send Southwest an email by clicking on the contact us link at the bottom of the page and let then know you would like them to come to you and you never know they could be there before you know it. I would have everyone you know that wants Savannah service send an email that way they know it would be worth it for them to come (where they aren't in the red- empty flights) 


Hope this helps


Re: Adding flights to savannah ga


We like to say that every city with an airport is on our wish list. We can’t make any promises to serve Savannah at this time, but we appreciate your feedback. It would be our pleasure to welcome you onboard a Southwest flight soon!



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Re: Adding flights to savannah ga

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Lots of pent up demand for SWA to service SAV.



Re: Adding flights to savannah ga

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@Swain021 @I am originally from the Savannah area, so I understand!


Keep in kind that there is a pretty robust SW schedule out of Charleston. I know that isn’t ideal, but it could be a good option. JAX even more so. 


Maybe be one day!

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