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Almost no nonstops between ABQ and Midway

Explorer C

There used to be 2 nonstops/day between Albuquerque and Chicago.  Then it was reduced to one/day, each direction.  Now there are multiple days/week with no nonstops, unlike competitors with 2/day each way.  I hate switching airlines, but I have no choice.  Multiple legs are not an option for me in this travel climate.


Re: Almost no nonstops between ABQ and Midway

Aviator A

You could always tell the airline that you would like to see the nonstops return by clicking on "contact us' below.


You should always fly the airline that best serves your needs. If that is one other than Southwest, so be it.

Re: Almost no nonstops between ABQ and Midway

Explorer A

Same thing has happened with non stops to BWI from ABQ... it all started with COVID. They have roughly half the normal amount of flights out of abq. 

Re: Almost no nonstops between ABQ and Midway

Frequent Flyer C

This was probably before Southwest switched to their new scheduling system. The prior system was old and outdated and essentially only allowed Southwest to operate the same exact schedule everyday, not allowing them to adjust according to demand. The new Amadeus software enabled them to have a dynamic schedule, allowing Saturday or Sunday only flights as well as weekend only flights. So these days a lot of Southwest's schedule is consistent Sunday through Friday then all the flight times are different on Saturday since they seem to be a fan of Saturday only flights for those leisure markets. Southwest is first and foremost a low cost leisure airline, so they try to fly the peak travel days and times for particular routes plus leisure travelers typically schedule their vacations around the flight schedules since leisure travelers are more flexible than business travelers. 


-Andrew E

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Andrew E
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