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Any Chance of Labor Day Flight Additions?

Explorer C

I’m looking at the Houston - Liberia route and I was disappointed to see that no flights are scheduled for Labor Day. What makes this so frustrating is that Labor Day is the first Monday of no flights; every Monday prior all summer long has flights.


Do additions to flight schedules historically ever happen? I’d be delighted to see this change, especially since that means I can take my honeymoon in Costa Rica. 

Thanks everyone!


Re: Any Chance of Labor Day Flight Additions?

Aviator A

Usually once the schedule is released they don't usually add flights unless there is some event that would make sense for the airline to add flights (like the super bowl). With the current situation I believe they would be more likely to remove flights if demand for flights is still down. 


You could always try a point to point reservation and maybe that would help you get to Liberia. That would be where you book something like Houston to Denver and Denver to Liberia as an example (not even sure if Denver to Liberia is an option just an example)