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Asheville- Please help us visit grandma!

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my mother just retired to her dream city of Asheville, NC. She is in love already after spending most of her life in Columbus, Ohio. We have both been SW card holders and members for a long time because we LOVE you. Seriously. LOVE, Southwest. Alas, now I have to either drive 8 hours from DCA area to get there with screaming children in the car, or worse-drive to dulles or BWI to take a subpar airline, make a connection somewhere and then get to Asheville. Probably the same in time. 


Would you please make my families dreams come true and create a route from DCA to Asheville. Even if it is twice a week, whatever time you want...we can work with that! A direct flight to Indy from DCA would also be great. I miss being able to utilize that route as well.


Thanks for all you do. 


Re: Asheville- Please help us visit grandma!

Rising Star

You should definitely send your suggestion directly to Southwest:

Customer | Home airport DCA