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Austin to Charleston non-stop???

Explorer C

Austin non-stop to Charleston was available in August, but not found now.  Was it seasonal? Or just no longer a thing?


Re: Austin to Charleston non-stop???

Aviator A

According to the Southwest route map that route is no longer available as a non-stop.  Routes change based on demand, seasonality, and other business factors so it's possible it could be added back in future schedule extensions.  You can write Southwest and let them know you'd like it to return.  Use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.



Re: Austin to Charleston non-stop???

Frequent Flyer C

Austin to Charleston (SC) nonstop is resuming March 9, 2023 as seasonal service. You can check on the Southwest route map via their website and look at nonstop options from Austin. 

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