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Boarding in Punta Cana

New Arrival

We booked a trip to Punta Cana via CheapCaribbean.  CC offered flights, but we've dealt with the airline they use before (yuck) and the flight times were an issue.  We booked with SW and were so very pleasantly, but not unexpectedly, surprised to find flights that worked perfectly.

Here's where the wonder of SW comes in: When we booked our trip we paid a few sheckles more for online auto check-in.  When we were departing from Punta Cana we were all loaded onto a bus that took us to the plane.  My husband and I were concerned that our great "A" boarding numbers were going down the drain due to people possibly rushing to the plane even though they might have a different boarding section.  MAJOR kudos to SW!!! We got off the bus on the tarmac and everyone was allowed on according to their boarding pass number; no rushing, no jumping ahead.  Just another great experience with Southwest! Oh, and also, when we arrived at BWI to change planes there was an issue with the boarding passes from Dom Rep not scanning; SW was on it in a nanosecond and all was well. Love Southwest!