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COVID restrictions

Explorer C

The world is aware that things have been far from normal but this airline is unwilling to recognize it. I’m sure they are aware there are travel restrictions, health risk etc that were not present previously.  They received money from PPP loans and other funds. They are however still unwilling to credit those who can not travel at this time. They also haven’t extended the expiration date for credit usage. I am disgusted !!! 


Re: COVID restrictions

Aviator C

Hey there,


If you're having an issue with credits, I'd check with the airline; specifically the team over on social media to see if they can help. Apologies if credits did expire, though.

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Re: COVID restrictions

Aviator A

Do you have a specific complaint or just your rant?

Re: COVID restrictions

Aviator C

Too scared to fly,  wants money back.   Typical.