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Canceled flight

Explorer C

We had 10 people and an 11 month old baby we were traveling with from Sarasota airport to Pittsburgh, PA. We were supposed to fly out 6/26/21 at 8:20 am. A direct flight. We received a text at 3:59 am and said our flight was canceled and rescheduled for two days later. We had to be out of our condo by 10:00 am on that morning. We had no rental cars to get anywhere else. I was on hold for over 3 hours with Southwest. I had booked transportation to get us all to the airport that morning and I had to cancel it and was not refunded. That was $100.00. We finally was confirmed a flight the next day out of Tampa which is an hour and a half drive to Tampa airport. We had to take two ubers to the airport that morning bc we didn’t have anywhere else to go. That was $300.00. We had to stay somewhere that night bc of the baby and also my mother who is 74 years old and has health issues and we could not sleep in an airport. We booked 3 rooms at the Marriott at Tampa airport which were $215.00 per room. We had to eat and drink there which cost me and my family approximately $300.00. We asked Southwest why the flight was canceled and they said weather and I know that is their go to so they don’t have to reimburse people money. I know that was not true. I spoke to a Southwest pilot at the airport and he confirmed that he said Southwest is overbooking flights knowing they do not have the pilots, flight attendants, and staff to fulfill these flights. He also said they implemented a new sick/call off system that was causing problems as well. He also stated that if pilots were out for a certain amount of time they have to go through extra training. How would I know this if I didn’t speak to someone directly?  I also read in USA Today an article yesterday that stated the same information. We asked for vouchers for good and hotel expenses but was told No bc it was weather related. Again, a lie!  Also, the Southwest staff at the airport were so rude and not helpful to customers. They were degrading and actually yelled or ignored people when they asked for help. I work for a school district and if I treated parents and students that way, I would be terminated. It’s unacceptable!  I feel southwest should have compensated us in someway for the time and large amount of money we had to spend not bc of our decisions but because it was Southwest’s inadequate system and customer service. I have always flown Southwest but I will not again. It is disappointing and sad. 

Brandie Fox



Re: Canceled flight

Aviator A

Well that sounds like it was arduous and very unpleasant. Sorry that you had to go through it.


If I were you, I would take up he matter with SW customer relations. It's open Monday thru Friday - normal business hours. Use  one of the non phone options.