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Cancelled Flight - Unacceptable Customer Service

Explorer C

We were supposed to be flying out of Dallas Love on Jun 15th to go on a vacation to Hawaii.  Our flights were delayed for 2 hours and then cancelled.  We were told to book them ourselves as they couldn't do it at that time and the wait time for Southwest's customer support was over 3 hours.  We were assured that Southwest would refund the additional 300.00 per person we spent (1200.00 for 4 people) when we booked them.  We just got a response from Southwest about how they are so sorry about the inconvenience this caused and they offered a single 200.00 voucher to compensate us.   Are you kidding me?  I am severely disappointed in Southwest and their response.   This is what they call customer service?   I don't think so!   Southwest needs to step and take responsibility and truly provide the customer service service they say that they provide!


Re: Cancelled Flight - Unacceptable Customer Service

Aviator A

This is a customer to customer forum, you are welcome to submit your comments directly to Southwest.


Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Cancelled Flight - Unacceptable Customer Service

Aviator A

If Southwest cancelled your flight you are entitled to a full $1200 refund.


The $200 voucher was to provide some compensation for your trouble.


Check into your Southwest account, and look at your travel funds. I'll make you a bet it is there. You'll have to tell the airline you want a refund. It is not automatic.


If 4 people were traveling, each of them will have a travel fund.


Edit Add:


WAIT maybe I misunderstood


Are you saying that after making the change you were charged an additional $1200 plus whatever the cost of the original ticket was?


If Southwest cancelled the flight, you were entitled to a NO CHARGE to any open seat, or any flight between the same cities as the original routing.