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Checking and claiming luggage during plane change

Explorer C



We are traveling to Puerto Vallarta and wanted to know if there was anything special we had to do about our checked bags.


Our flight information is we are traveling from OMA to DEN for our layover and to PVR and the same way back. Will we need to claim our checked luggage during our layover and recheck them going there or coming back? Or will our checked luggage make it all the way to PVR and then back to OMA?




Re: Checking and claiming luggage during plane change

Aviator A

On the way back you'll claim your luggage to go through customs in Denver. (I've made this same trip through Denver but to Chicago.)


It's an easy claim and check, you don't have to go to the main ticket counters, there is a dedicated conveyor in the customs area at DEN to re-check. You will however have to go back through security. At the time which was two years ago on the legacy ticketing system it didn't register my PreCheck which was a pain (when I realized this at the front of the PreCheck line).


That bug may be fixed with the new system, if applicable to you - check before you get in line though.


Your luggage from Omaha should go straight through to PVR and you'll claim everything going through customs there.









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