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Connecting Flight

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I recently booked a flight from Austin to Cancun, with a layover in Houston. I’ve never had a layover with an international flight. Do I need to show my passport again in Houston, or go through security? And is 1 hour enough time? 


Re: Connecting Flight

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You may be asked to show your passport at the gate in Houston since that is the actual international flight and they want to ensure everyone boarding has a passport.  You will not have to go through security again on the way to Cancun.  Coming back you may have to reclaim your bag, go through customs, and recheck your bag if you have a layover on the return trip.  This may or may not be necessary depending on if customs handles this in Cancun or waits for you to get back to the US.  One hour is plenty of time for a layover heading to Cacun.  Enjoy your trip.