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Connecting Flight

Explorer C

This is my first time flying southwest and also having a connecting I'm flying from Idaho. I have a hour layover in denver Colorado I'm worried about navigating  the airport will I have to leave that terminal and take a shuttle I'm not really sure so any advice would be amazing thank you .


Re: Connecting Flight

Aviator A

Connecting through Denver is easy. As long as all your flights are SW you won’t have to take a shuttle for connecting flights. SW departs from the C concourse. Worse case you get a 7-10min walk if they put your connection flight at the opposite end of the concourse. An hour should be plenty of time for a connection unless your first flight is delayed 40min or longer if your first flight has a long delay I would go to the counter and they can advise you of your options at that time. 


With regards to your first time flying Southwest be sure you check in as close to the 24 hour mark as you can (unless you bought Early Bird check in then check in anytime) as Southwest doesn’t assign seats it’s an open seating policy so you can sit anywhere that there is an open seat once onboard. The earlier you check in the better your boarding position will be and the better chance you get to sit in an aisle or window (or middle seat if your one who likes those 😜)


Happy Flying!