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Cuba Religious Visa

Explorer C

I am a Missions Coordinator and our first team went to Cuba on a tourist visa last year.  We were then told we would be required to purchase religious visas, which we did and had no problems on second team.


The next team last month had visa purchased by our partner that said "tourist' and the OFAC was religious purposes and were purchased through Cuba Travel Services online.


They were stopped when they returned to the US and were questioned on what they did and were informed they had to have a detailed schedule of everything that was done and it had to include at least 8 hours per day for each person on the team or we could be fined $100,000.


We are not lawyers but a church and need to sort this out prior to our next team leaving the first week of May.  We sent information directly to Cuba this time to get religious visas and are wondering was the problem a result of him purchasing a tourist visa with OFAC religious?  


We need to make sure we are in compliance.  Thank you