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Cuba Travel and Covid Testing

Explorer C

I am a frequent traveler to Cuba on SW Airlines, but not since the Covid epidemic started. The US Government recently announced that US citizens traveling overseas must get tested 24 hours before returning to the US. This may be easy in most Caribbean islands or Mexico, but the rule poses many challenges when traveling in Cuba. I would like advice from other travelers who have been to Cuba recently. The kits sold by SW Airlines may not work in Cuba because they require the use of Zoom to connect to the clinic in the US when taking the test. Zoom is blocked by the Cuban government. Even Internet access in Cuba can be very spotty.


Attempting to get a covid test in Cuba (even a rapid antigen test) can be challenging. There are only two clinics open to foreigners in Havana, one in Vedado and one further out. Clinics in Cuba can be closed without warning or be out of testing kits when you get there.


I have the following questions:

1. Has anyone used the SW Airlines provided rapid antigen test kits in Cuba and connected via zoom to the US?

2. Does a VPN on your phone such as Nord VPN connected to a US site make a difference and allow you to connect with the clinic in the US?

3. If you use the SW Air provided kits and they send you an e mail with negative results how do you print it out for the airport personnel? Very few people have printers in Cuba or paper. Airport personnel at the SW Air counter in Havana are Cuban government employees , not SW Air employees. Wifi at the Havana Airport usually doesnt work.  Will they accept a negative result from looking at your phone or do they want a printed paper with a QR code?

4. If you take the test at a Cuban facility and test positive they wont let you board your flight to leave and they will make you stay in Cuba at a facility for ten days at your expense. Any thoughts about that ?



Re: Cuba Travel and Covid Testing

Aviator A

Thankfully this is no longer required.