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DEN to Caribbean schedules

Adventurer B

Given that FLL is the WN gateway to much of the Caribbean, why is the only DEN-FLL nonstop an evening flight that does not connect and the only FLL-DEN flight a morning flight that does not connect with the inbound traffic?  Shouldn't those be just the opposite times to facilitate DEN-Caribbean travel?


Re: DEN to Caribbean schedules

Aviator A

Sure, in an ideal world that would be the case, but when you are flying with only a portion of your planes (Max grounded) and the focus has been on getting people west to Hawaii you have situations like this. I'm personally bummed by this, I'd love to get to the Caribbean from DEN on Southwest, but it's just not happening too well right now. I do enjoy the ease of getting to Mexico from DEN though. DEN is also a major growth spot for Southwest so it's likely the Caribbean from DEN situation will be resolved sooner than other cities that have trouble getting to places.