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Dallas to Midway Worst Flight Ever

Explorer C

I took a flight from Dallas Love Field to Midway on May 25, 2021 and it was by far the worst flight I have ever taken, and I travel a lot.  The flight was late taking off because we were held up for travelers connecting to our flight, which was ok.  Neither the pilot nor the staff communicated with us on the delay until after we were to take off.  The pilot eventually told us that we were clear to take off, but did not tell us what time we would be landing.


While on the flight, I went to use the restroom and there was urine and soiled toilet paper EVERYWHERE.  It was so disgusting, I was beyond upset.


We waited for more than 50 minutes for bags to come out.  After 30 minutes, they dropped 20 bags on the belt, and then nothing for approx. 20 minutes, and then bags came out SLOWLY.  There was absolutely no communication with the passengers on what the delays were.


At around midnight, I was astonished that there is absolutely no police, security or traffic control at the airport.  There were people parked in the arrivals lane and left their vehicles to go inside.  There was gridlock out there and no one to get traffic moving.


Southwest and Midway can do better than this.


Re: Dallas to Midway Worst Flight Ever

Aviator A

You're certainly welcome to contact Southwest directly, this is a customer to customer forum.

Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Dallas to Midway Worst Flight Ever

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that you had a bad flight.


However, I gotta say that if that was your worst flight ever, consider yourself lucky. You ain't seen nothing tli you've had a REALLY bad flight experience. I have about 2.5 million flight miles behind me and could tell you stories that would curl your toes, - most not on Southwest, but a few were.


As for   the dirty bathroom , what's an FA to do if somebody who used it before you trashed the thing?


As far as the security at the airport goes, Southwest has no control over the matter. You could complain to the Chicago Department of Aviation, which  does. 


As far as the bags go, it was just one more unpleasant thing stacked on the other unpleasant things that happened to you. Sorry it happened.


You could have easily estimated when you would land in Chicago It's about a 2 hour flight.


Hope your next flight is better.

Re: Dallas to Midway Worst Flight Ever

Frequent Flyer C

Basically every thing you described is a typical day in the airline industry except for maybe the pee soaked lavatory. Think about it. This is an industry where we're trying to get a big hunk of metal safely into the sky that's loaded with civilians tens of thousands of times every single day just in our country. There's bound to be delays like this, it's just the nature of the business. Airports are in the process of renovations to handle the larger number of passengers than they were built for. So, the nature of the business combined with the renovations and airports with exceeded capacity, these things are bound to happen. So, if anything, what you experienced for the most part is an effect of the airport infrastructure and not the airline.


As for the lavatory, if you were the first one to use it, then sure that's on Southwest's cleaners. However, it's likely someone used it before you and they trashed the place. Flight attendants don't normally clean those kinds of messes because they need to keep their hands sanitary to serve food and beverages to the passengers.

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