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Denver to Jamaica

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I just bought tickets for Denver to Jamaica on May 16, 2017.  It currently has us stopping and changing planes in Houston to then fly to Jamaica.  I have a couple of questions.


  1. I imagine that they would check our bags all the way through to Jamaica?
  2. We only have a 1 hour layover in Houston.  Will that be sufficient time to make the connection?  I'm not familiar with Hobby, so I'm not sure if we have to go to a separate terminal for international flight.

Thanks in advance.


- Mark




Re: Denver to Jamaica

Top Contributor

Hobby only has one "terminal" but the international flights for Southwest will depart from the gates 1-5 which I would call a separate concourse while most domestic flights will be in the 20-50 block of gates.


It should take 10 or 15 minutes to walk from the furthest domestic gates to the 1-5 area, and there are a couple of moving walkways on the path to help you out.


Don't accidentally go out of security and you will be fine. Your bag should go through to Jamaica, you can verify when you check in at Denver that it won't have a "HOU" luggage tag.


For quick grab and go there is a Peet's and also a Chick-fil-A at the entrance to the Gates 1-5 area if you have time.




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Re: Denver to Jamaica

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Thanks for the info!