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Departing from Punta Cana ?

New Arrival

I was just curious why departing flights from Punta Cana are so much more expensive then arrival flights from BWI


Re: Departing from Punta Cana ?

Top Contributor

Sorry, I'm not understanding your question. Which flights are more expensive? I'll throw out a guess that there are taxes related to international travel, but without fully understanding your question it's just a guess.




Re: Departing from Punta Cana ?

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If I understand your question correctly your asking why going to Punta Cana from BWI is cheaper and returning is more expensive if so that has to do with the international taxes. I notice this with several international destinations like Nassau where it's cheap going but more expensive on the return because of taxes. you will also notice that on the points tickets as it won't be the $5.60 like domestic flights 


Hope this helps