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Direct flights MHT-MDW going away?

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I went to book a round trip MHT-MDW in April and noticed that there are very few direct flights. There are currently direct flights every day. What is the new schedule for direct flights? Is this a permanent change? My dad is recovering from a stroke and I visit him as often as I can, which will be harder without direct flights. Please advise. Thanks!


Re: Direct flights MHT-MDW going away?

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I hope your Dad is able to make a full recovery.


The online flight schedule is the easiest way to look, you are able to toggle through different weeks using this Southwest link:

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Re: Direct flights MHT-MDW going away?

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Just to add, sometimes SWA makes a quick touch-and-go where a few passengers deplane/board and then you take back off again! These "stopovers" aren't too long, and allow you to stretch your legs, use the bathroom, and get a drink, all on the ground. Safe travels!

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