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ECP to DAL on Memorial Day

Explorer C

All direct flights from ECP to DAL are sold out on Memorial Day and the day after! Any chance more flights will be added? I’m shocked I’m having issues getting a direct flight during a pandemic. 


Re: ECP to DAL on Memorial Day

Adventurer A

You could always fly on Sunday.

I have bad news and I have good news.


The bad news is you may not get that option.


The good news is it may be a scheduling error/IT error. After throughly reviewing the schedule I found a potential issue. There are 0 available flights outbound from ECP TO ANYWHERE on those 2 days. I’ve checked 2 dozen cities that flights go to regularly from ECP and they fly every day except those two.


At first I thought maybe it was an airport closure for those days, but then I see inbound flights on those days so that can’t be it.

Re: ECP to DAL on Memorial Day

Aviator A

There are now 2 nonstop flights available for ECP-DAL on Monday, May 25.