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Extreme Kindness

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Today September 15th, My 82 year old Father in Law Rajaa flew from San Antonio to Atlanta.  Rajaa speaks very little English, his primary language is Arabic.  Upon Arrival into Atlanta, he was tired, confused and scared.  He expected his daughter to be waiting for him at the end of the boarding ramp when he departed the airplane.  She was not there.  With little English and only being able to communicate his daughter's name, the wonderful Camil Clemmons the Southwest Airlines Agent, came to the rescue!  She got his traveling information, and though she spoke no Arabic, she was able to get from him my telephone number.  After that, she called me and allowed him to talk with my wife and I for 20 minutes on her cell phone.  After many long minutes, together we were able to calm him down.  Throughout the evening, she made several calls to us and to my sister in law to help ensure that the connections were made for him to get home.  While waiting, she helped get him situated at the Southwest Baggage Claim area while he waited for his daughter to arrive.   Thank you Camil for going the extra mile for my father in law!


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I'm so glad to hear Camil was able to help in a siuation that can be scary to some. 


If you can I recommend sending Southwest a message on Twitter or Facebook so they can pass on the kudos to Camil and her supervisors. 


Happy travels!


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@Freonjon1 Thanks for staring!! Love this post!


I sent the post to the SW Twitter team so that they can take action to provide the recognition for Camil!


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Thanks for sharing a heartwarming story.


May I suggest that you get Rajaa a cell phone? This can literally be a lifesaver in some circumstances and a great comfort in others.