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Flight Attendant

Explorer C

I was recently on flight 0606 to Chicago .. the flight attendants Yolanda scales and Mary farrow  were very sweet and caring flight attendants.. .the true definition of a dream team.  My grandmother was having breathing trouble during the flight . They were very attentive and kind . It was such a pleasure flying with them and I will forever be grateful for them.  Thanks to those lovely ladies I will continue to use southwest! Those ladies definitely deserve some type of recognition. 


Re: Flight Attendant

Adventurer A


I’m happy to hear you had a great experience with the cabin crew, and I hope your grandmother recuperated quickly and is doing well.


Even though they are very busy folks, I often notice that SWA Flight Attendants go the extra mile when unusual needs or situations come up.


It sounds like those Flight Attendants on your flight to Chicago earned a pat on the back, and I would like to present a suggestion to you. This is an open forum for us to communicate with each other, and it is not necessarily monitored by SWA management. If you would like to make sure that Southwest passes your compliments along to those wonderful Flight Attendants, perhaps you might consider contacting SWA directly, at


Happy flying, Smiley Happy