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Flight Change

New Arrival

Just got a notice of a flight change.  Original departure time was new departure time is 6am.   


Booked the flight 4 weeks ago to get ahead of the demand for flights with Covid restrictions easing.   Now I have no options with Southwest and the other flight options are much more expensive.   


Terrible customer service/experience.  


Re: Flight Change

Top Contributor

When Southwest makes a change to your reservation you can make 1 free change to your reservation (no fare difference will be required)  if none of the flights will work with your schedule you can reach out to Southwest and request a full refund to the original form of payment. If a flight that works with your schedule is available you can usually make this change on the app or website and it will waive the fare difference. If it gives you an error I would reach out to southwest on Facebook or Twitter for the quickest and easiest response.