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Flight Changes

Explorer C

I have an upcoming trip to Jamaica in October. Recently SW has changed our flight from Non -Stop to now a change of planes in Florida. With Florida a hot spot for COVID is there any chances that our flights can be changed back to Non Stop to help avoid unnecessary stops in hot spots for international travel? Just curious. Our flights have been canceled twice now and rescheduled twice as well, just trying to forecast what might happen next.  Has anyone heard anything?


Re: Flight Changes

Aviator A

There's no telling what might happen with future flight changes.


However, since the airline changed your flight, the airline will allow you to change once to a different flight. Take a look at the flight schedule. If you see something better, change to it.


If you change, and that flight gets changed by the airline, you'll be allowed one more free change.

Re: Flight Changes

Aviator A

Just to add to what dfwskier said if you look at the schedule and none of the flights work for you then you would then be entitled to a refund but would need to call reservations for that. 



Re: Flight Changes

Aviator A

It could be that either they removed non-stops for your route, so they moved you to connecting through FL, or there are non-stops but not ones close to your originally scheduled time.


Either way, you have choices; I would make the desired changes as soon as possible.


-A List, Companion Pass holder