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Great Day all,


I have a question what will it take for the airline to travel to a specific airport?


I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (SDQ) and going back to visit family is an odyssey because I live in Tampa, FL (TPA). It requires me to travel from Orlando (MCO) which means 2 hours of driving and hope that another airline has a non stop flight. My other choices are to drive or fly to Miami(MIA) or Fort Laureldale (FLL) and get on a non stop flight to SDQ, and even worse, having to travel from TPA to a random city like Newark NJ EWR to then travel to SDQ the next day  on a non stop flight. I have 2 children and as you may imagine this is extremely inconvenient. I have flown Southwest before and I had a great experience and would like to continue using the airline to travel to more places. I know the airline flies from TPA to PUJ. so the question is:


Why will it take for Southwest to fly into SDQ or even STI?


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Retired Community Manager

Hi @amorel,


We're always evaluating our route map and new opportunities to expand it. I love your enthusiasm for SDQ and STI. Thank you for taking time to let us hear your voice on the Southwest Airlines Community! While we don't have immediate plans to serve those airports, we are always glad to take Customer suggestions into consideration. Your patronage means the world to us, and we look forward to future opportunities to serve you!