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Flight Schedules getting home to MSP

Explorer C

Can someone help me understand why I can book a flight out of MSP to many locations, but when I try to book the flight back home to MSP, it's just months upon months of "unavailable" dates? I'm a big Southwest fan, but it's incredibilly difficult to fly them when I never have any options home.


Any suggestions or help with my understanding would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Flight Schedules getting home to MSP

Aviator A

@milesmr any chance you are able to share one of the originating cities for your return to MSP and month of travel?  My starting point is usually the Low Fare Calendar as it will show availability for the entire month.


With a little more non-personally identifying information the community here may be able to help you sleauth a bit.

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: Flight Schedules getting home to MSP

Aviator A



My guess is the reason you can't book the return would be there are no connections available. What I mean by that is depending on where you are coming from the first flight may not arrive with enough time for you to connect to a flight going to MSP. As @SWDigits mentioned if you are able to share your departure to MSP city I might be able to do some research to see why you are unable to book the return flight. 


You could try booking a point to point reservation like A-B and B-C and that should help with getting you back to MSP


hope this helps