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Flight booked then changed by Southwest

Adventurer C

We were planning on and have been making southwest our airline of choice. All of our flights in the past have gone off without a hitch. This time we booked flights to phx 3 months early. Southwest has changed those flights Twice on us. Working at getting a companion pass because with in the next year we plan on moving to AZ and flying back and fourth multiple time . Sure hope Southwest can fix these issues.


Re: Flight booked then changed by Southwest

Aviator A

Unfortunately flight changes do occur. Keep in mind that if Southwest changes your flight you can contact them and adjust the schedule to another flight to the same city within 14 days of the original schedule at no cost to you. Or you can cancel and receive a refund. Additional details should be in an email notifying you of the change. 



Re: Flight booked then changed by Southwest

Aviator A

Flight changes are a new reality thanks to the issues with the MAX 8 planes. Hopefully this will be behind us soon and flight schedule changes will be much less of an issue.