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Flight cancellations and rebooking issues to Mexico

Explorer C

Did others have their flight cancelled and rebooked for Mexico?  A group of us had flights for Wednesday and got a notification that the flight was changed but the notification still said Wednesday just a different time.  We went to check in today and they said the flights on Wednesday were cancelled so we couldn't fly out until Thursday.   Now we have reservations at our destination in Mexico that are all messed up since we were never notified of the date change only a time change.  WHAT A MESS!  And it is going to cost us a lot of money.


Re: Flight cancellations and rebooking issues to Mexico

Aviator A

Unfortunately lots of flight changes are being made, not just to Mexico, but across the entire network.  You didn't post your route, but I doubt ALL flights to Mexico are cancelled so I would suggest contacting Southwest to see if there are other options that would get you there on your preferred day.  This may add an additional layover, but that beats losing a day.