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Flights During School Vacation Week

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Hey Everyone,


So we fly SW often but have never really booked during school vacation weeks.  I understand and counted on flights being higher but I was just wondering if any of you seasoned SW Vets know if the prices fluctuate like normal or if once they are high they just remain.  For example we are going to Cancun in February leaving on the 18th.  We are in Massachusetts and prefer either TF Green in RI or Logan in Boston.  Flight prices(one way) are $586 or $611 for both airports.  Was hoping these rates would go down to the $400's at least.  Am I dreaming lol?  Thank you for any help/info.


Re: Flights During School Vacation Week

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Southwest fares have been known to fluctuate based

on how many people are buying tickets.


Will your flight drop in price? There is no way to know.


If you are intent on flying Southwest, the best case scenario is buy a  ticket, and if the price drops, you trade  in the old ticket for the cheaper one, an get a travel fund  for the charge in price -- goo for future travel.


If other airlines are a lot cheaper, that would be another option.

Re: Flights During School Vacation Week

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You should really take a look at the Low Fare Calendar.  Moving your departure date just by a day or two would save you hundreds.

On the 18th there are no Wanna Get Away fares currently available, that explains the higher price.  Is it possible WGA fares get added so you could purchase the Anytime fare now as suggested earlier, but the good news is you would receive a cash refund if you cancelled and purchased a cheaper fare since Anytime fares are fully refundable.  If you must travel on the 18th, buy now and just keep watching for a better deal knowing you can get a full refund for the Anytime fare purchase.



Re: Flights During School Vacation Week

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This is impossible to predict, flights prices fluctuate due to a variety of factors, and COVID has only exasperated that (but things are slowly - but surely - returning to some level of normalcy compared to 2020). My only advice would be if you see a price you are happy with, book it now - if you see that the flight price goes down, you can rebook the flight (at no charge!) and the difference in fare will be given as a travel credit to use later. I do this all the time.