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Flights from Phoenix to Montego Bay, Jamaica????

Explorer C

SWA does not have any flights listed yet for going down to Jamaica in Dec. but has flights listed for returning to Phoenix?  What's up with that????  When will arrival in Jamaica flights be listed?  I am trying to book a flight for Dec. 1st-8th.


Re: Flights from Phoenix to Montego Bay, Jamaica????

Aviator A

So I did some checking and it looks like the reason you can't book from PHX to MBJ is because the flight that you would need to connect to departs before you would arrive from PHX. 


You would need to book 2 one ways flights with an overnight stay in Orlando or Baltimore to get to MBJ on Southwest. 


With the return flight there is enough time for you to connect in Orlando or Baltimore for you to get back to PHX which is why you can book a return flight.