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Flights to nowhere idea

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I saw the story recently about Qantas airlines doing something called a flight to nowhere

where they basically do a sightseeing type flight.    I'm in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area

and there are tons of things I haven't seen yet ... not to mention right now it's peak fall

colors and can you imagine seeing the fall colors in Door Country from the air?   There

are areas like the Apostle islands, Door county colors, light houses,  Wisconsin Dells, the

shoreline, The Mississippi and more.    Many people will never get to see so many nooks

and crannies of the area in their lifetime..  I think the idea of a flight to nowhere brilliant.

obviously you would fill window seats, and for families maybe more since they could share.

Rather than cut back and furlough I think innovative idea's may be good.   You could pack

seats and make money creatively.   Oh by the way, you couldn't fly at 30,000 feet, hopefully

but since there are not many flights at the moment seeing southwest in the air would be

brilliant advertising as well.    


Just my two cents.


Re: Flights to nowhere idea

Top Contributor

I do think they would be cool however I'm not sure how much that would cost an airline to operate a flight to nowhere. I also think it would be a good idea for those who might still be on edge with flying maybe a quick how it's going now flight will help ease people's minds and in turn might bring more profit for those who become comfortable enough for a real flight. Personally I thought even pre covid a quick flight to nowhere was a good idea to help ease people's minds of flying for those who have a fear of air travel and it can be a good lesson for kids to show how it's done. 


Since this is primarily a customer to customer forum I would send your suggestion to Southwest through one of these contact methods: Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint that way they can pass on the idea to the appropriate teams. 



Re: Flights to nowhere idea

Active Member

In theory, I think the concept is good.

However, I’d like to respectfully throw a monkey wrench in it.

I live in California, and I can imagine the outrage here if Southwest implemented these types of flights.

Yes, we have plenty of natural attractions that can be appreciated from the air, but the idea of flying commercial airplanes, with the resulting Climate Change damaging emissions, simply for the viewing pleasure of a few privileged customers… well, I think Southwest would face backlash from powerful West Coast “green” groups.

Also, please keep in mind that airlines received significant federal financial support due (in part) to the essential nature of the service they provide; so, if they start engaging in this sort of pleasure flights, they may find themselves in hot water.

That’s just my humble prediction.

The flip-side is that if they offered sightseeing flights over, for example, Yosemite and/or Lake Tahoe, in a heartbeat I would book a window seat. 😉

Re: Flights to nowhere idea

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I believe the reason for the flights to nowhere is to keep crews current. They actually have to fly an aircraft to keep current. They have to be current to fly aircraft with passengers.


So the 2 options are


1) Fly an  empty aircraft or

2) Fly an aircraft with some passengers to help cover the cost of keeping current