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Forced transfer

Explorer C

Here's some inspiration and this is the short version.  Delayed arrival caused us to miss connector.  Both our options got us in 4 hrs later, past midnight with hour 1/2 drive home and work next day.  Our "early bird" which we paid for is no longer available.  Options are eat what we paid and board "c" or pay $40 and receive a$50 credit good on a SW flight in the next year.  Ten dollars for a horrible 4 hr delay!!!!!  Then I have to waste my  personal time to call SW to get a refund  for the "early bird" that I paid for and could not use.  Inspired yet???


Re: Forced transfer

Aviator A



I'm sorry your flight was delayed causing problems with your EB check in and a late arrival to your destination. 


if you would like to discuss your recent flight with southwest directly you can reach out to customer relations by calling 855-234-4654 you can also send Southwest a DM on Twitter and they can help you there as well. 


Hope your next flight is delay free!


Re: Forced transfer

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that you had trouble.


These days facing a missed connection situation is rarely "fun." That's the case on Southwest and every other airline. If flying Southwest, you'll likely get a C boarding spot. On airlines with assigned seating the  "good " seats have been assigned and you'll likely get a middle seat. On the majors you might be able to upgrade to first class, and spend hundreds of $ for the privilege, while on Southwest you might be able to get A1 - A15 for a lot less money. In both cases it's your choice.


You don't need to spend your valuable time on the phone with Southwest to get an early bird refund. You can e-mail the company. Details on how to do so are on the top left of the contact us web page.