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Gift cards

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Do they sell Southwest Airlines gift cards at the ticket counter terminal at the Houston Hobby Airport?


Re: Gift cards

Top Contributor

I don't believe so, but they are available at many other locations such as grocery stores, pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS), and even the occasional gas station.  If purchasing larger dollar amounts Costco and Sam's Club offer small discounts. You can also purchase them online at



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Re: Gift cards

Top Contributor

I don't believe they sell gift cards at the ticket counter you might be able to call southwest at hobby airport and ask though but I would recommend checking out the places @TheMiddleSeat suggested and you could also check out Amazon or eBay as I know I have seen them there but personally I would buy the gift card from southwest directly just in case you get a bad card on eBay (it's happened to me before with a iTunes gift card)