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Grand Cayman

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I am surprise and happy to see SWA has flights from Austin Tx to Grand Cayman. Can someone please tell me what months and days SWA flys there? I assume it is the summer months. I have a trip planned there next July 2018 and would love to fly SWA instead of the other airlines. thank you


Re: Grand Cayman

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only connecting flights are available - Hobby is the likely connection, so not too far. 


Try this tool to find direct flights from Austin:

Click on List View in upper right hand corner, click Austin as departure, then all the nonstops get highlighted.


As of the schedule, Southwest only rolls out the schedules a few months at a time.  Accepting reservations now through 4/6/18, and on 8/28/16, it will roll out dates through 6/1/18.

I use this link to keep up with timing on purchases (because I have a set travel schedule and buy as soon as I can).

Re: Grand Cayman

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Thank you, yes I figured the flight would connect at Hobby, mainly trying to find out what Days SWA flys to Grand Cayman. My trip is a Saturday to Saturday. Hopefully they will roll out the schedule around the first of the year 2018