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How about expanding service to American Samoa

New Arrival

How about expanding service to American Samoa. Now that Southwest has started serving Hawaii it only makes sense to expand that service to American Samoa.  American Samoa is a short flight south from Hawaii and is greatly underserved by Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian Airlines charges approximately $900 per adult to travel round trip to Hawaii, however American Samoans can travel to New Zealand for under $350.00 through Apia, Samoa.


It just doesn't make sense to allow Hawaiian Airlines' monopoly to contiue now that Southwest has reached the Pacific.


Re: How about expanding service to American Samoa

Top Contributor

Good suggestion!  but since this is a customer to customer forum you're unlikely to get resolution here.


You should make the suggestion directly to the airline. To do so click  on" contact us" at the bottom of this page. Then pick your prefereed methods of contact from those list at the top left of the ensuing pge.