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Information on flights from 2015

Explorer C

I need to dig up information on a flight taken from BWI->SAT on June 26 and returning August 1st.  Any advice on where I could look for that?  Unfortunately I was not the one who paid for it, so credit card information is out.


i realize this is a tricky one.  Thanks in advance!


Re: Information on flights from 2015

Aviator A

I suspect that there i no way to get what you want.


You can get flight information going back 12 calendar months in the past flights section in you account..


You can get confirmation numbers / city pairs  back ro 1/1/ 19 by looking at points earned in your account


I know of no way to get anything going back to 2015

Re: Information on flights from 2015

Aviator A

While I'm not sure how long Southwest keeps flight history you could try to reach out on Facebook or Twitter and see what they might be able to come up with but since it was so long a go no guarantees that that will be able to help.