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International Travel With Breastmilk

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Nursing mother traveling to Jamaica on honeymoon without child. Cannot find any rules in Jamaica about being able to travel with milk in carryon luggage without child so I have decided to have my milk shipped home via fedex. I am ordering a fedex cold box to take with me so that I can ship my milk home from jamaica and not run the risk of having to trash it at the Montego Bay Airport on the way home. The box will not be activated when I travel to Jamaica, so I am wondering if i can pack it in my checked luggage on my way to jamaica, or does it need to be its own checked item?


Re: International Travel With Breastmilk

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Hm I suggest checking it on its own just to be safe. I know once you activate it, it slowly evaporates water so there's some ice component before so I say definitely check it by itself. You can also take it up to the counter and ask if you already have two checked bags and would rather not pay extra.