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International Travel and checking bags

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It's my first time traveling internationally.


I'm traveling from ATL to MCO to MBJ and coming back MBJ to FLL then ATL. On the way back with I need to pick up by bag and recheck it before continuing to Atlanta? If I have to pick it up and recheck it will there be enough time? The arrival coming back is 2:20 PM and departure 3:50PM for ATL.




Re: International Travel and checking bags

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Yes, when you arrive in FLL you will need to clear customs. You'll deplane, go through the first layer of customs where your passport is checked, then get your bags before exiting the customs area. I'm not familiar with the layout in FLL, but some airports have a dedicated area in/around customs for you to recheck your bags for the final leg of your trip other airports require you to go to the general check-in area. As your bag is already tagged with the destination it's usually a quick drop off process. In your case, 90 minutes should be plenty of time, but there are lots of variables including the waiting line in customs, if your first flight is on time, what the exact bag recheck process is, and wait time to go through security again in FLL. Southwest wouldn't sell the connection if it didn't think you would be ok.


Have a great time in Jamaica!



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