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International Travel from Denver

New Arrival

Are flights from Denver to Aruba being discontinued?  I do not see any scheduled flights after April 22nd.  Will additional dates be added?


Also, flights from Denver to Punta Cana?  I do not see any scheduled flights at all.  Same goes for Grand Cayman.  


How do I know which international locations I can fly to out of Denver?  When I go to the interactive route map, it appears I should be able to fly to all of Southwest's international destinations (with or without connections), but when I actually check the schedule of flights, there aren't actually any flights scheduled from Denver to many of the international locations.  


Re: International Travel from Denver

Retired Community Manager

Hi @Doug121


We are not discontinuing flights between Denver and Aruba or Denver and Punta Cana. That said, most of our scheduled service to international destinations like Aruba and Punta Cana leave early in the morning from gateway cities like Baltimore, Atlanta, and Chicago, which makes it a complex situation to connect from a city like Denver. The best solution is to contact one of our Customer Support and Services Representatives at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA so they can build you a point-to-point routing.