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Is Baltimore to Cancun July Trips happening?

New Arrival

I am booked to fly BWI to Cancun on July 11 2020, seems like every week the travel disruption page changes, it was June 8 2020, than said resume at a later date and now saying July 1 2020.

I had to book an American Flight as a backup, I really need to know if this flight is going to go or not? Hard to plan anything in this environment.

Thank you


Re: Is Baltimore to Cancun July Trips happening?

Top Contributor

Based on the wording in the most recent update by Southwest it says that service to Cancun will resume on July 1st compared to other places where it says it will not resume before a certain date which would mean for those cities that date can change again. 


Keep in mind day of travel changes could still happen due to IROPS but based on the wording of will resume I think you should be just fine. 



Re: Is Baltimore to Cancun July Trips happening?

Top Contributor

The difference is that SW is now selling tickets on the route for service starting on 7/1. Before that it was a guess not backed up by ticket sales.


It looks like 7/1 is a firm decision.

Re: Is Baltimore to Cancun July Trips happening?

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Since the current environment is that of a global pandemic, I do expect that it would be hard to plan things right now.


You're probably already aware, but just in case you're not here is some good information regarding how things are in Cancun right now.