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Is Seattle sea tac airport safe from being dropped by southwest??

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After reading that southwest dropped newark and reduced service out of Boston im worried about Seattle. I have lived in Seattle for almost 5 years.


Every 6 weeks i fly from Seattle to Burbank,California and take either one stop or connecting flights. The only airline i fly is southwest airlines for many reasons. I dont care for alaska airlines prices, baggage fees or flight change fee policies.


Since sea tac airport only has 4 southwest airlines gates and only 40 departures per day from sea tac im very worried that southwest could drop sea tac like they did newark or reduce service like southwest did in Boston. Im keeping my fingers crossed that southwest stays at sea tac airport.


Southwest often charges $80 to $130 oneway with all taxes and fees for a ticket between seattle and burbank,california. Alaska air for a non stop flight between seattle and burbank charges $300 often at the lowest for a oneway ticket plus baggage fees.


Im willing to take connecting flights or onestop flights from seattle to burbank just to fly southwest for thier policies and cheaper tickets.


Also in curious why southwest pulled out of Paine field airport in everett,washington??


Re: Is Seattle sea tac airport safe from being dropped by southwest??

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I don't think you have anything to worry about. Unlike Newark, Southwest doesn't have service in other nearby airports in the Seattle area.


Regarding Paine, I remember seeing something about the decision to focus on other locations, including SEA. It didn't make sense to have just a few flights at Paine when they can have a much more meaningful presence at SEA and other existing airports.