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Jackson, Mississipi Routes

New Arrival

Dear Southwest,


I am very excited to hear of your return to Jackson, MS.  My family lives in DC and we love to fly SW. We have been flying the route to New Orleans in order to get a direct flight on your airline that is close to home.  It would be great if you would consider adding DC as one of your first routes back to Jackson. We know many Mississippians that are in the DC area that would utilize this route frequently.  


We know that our family would use it too!






Re: Jackson, Mississipi Routes

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Your best bet is to share your route suggestion to southwest directly through one of these contact methods Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint 



Re: Jackson, Mississipi Routes

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Hello, since this is  customer to customer forum, it is possible that SW will not receive your suggestion here.


You can send it to SW by using the following link:


Re: Jackson, Mississipi Routes

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I think once we are all through with the pandemic, we will see more destinations and new routes in the future.  But it can't/won't happen overnight. 

Re: Jackson, Mississipi Routes

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Isn't it great when Southwest has a route that is right up your alley? I am hoping for the return of nonstop flights from PHL to LAS, as they stopped in late 2018 and I keep wishing and hoping for them to come back. No such luck yet 😉