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Jacob's Second Southwest Birthday Trip

Adventurer C

IMG_2216.JPGIMG_2236.JPGIMG_2245.JPGIMG_2251.JPGMy name is Jacob Waldroop. You may remember me from last year. In October of 2017, I spent my birthday with Southwest Airlines and flew over 2,000 miles. This year, for my sixteenth birthday, I decided to return. We start off in Cincinnati just like last time, (which is where I'm from) The first flight was from CVG-BWI. The crew of this flight announced my name on the PA and mentioned Gary Kelly recognizing me for doing it last year. When I landed in Baltimore, someting unexpected happened. Multiple Southwest employees met me at the gate as soon as I walked out. They gave me a gift bag and told me about themselves. Then Patrick from SWA at BWI showed me around the airport and I got a behind the scenes tour of BWI. I met multiple Southwest employees and went back to the rooms behind the ticket counters for SWA. Patrick and I then met my friend Eden who flew in from RSW to celebrate his birthday with me too. Eden's was on the 10th and mine was on the 11th of October. Patrick handed us food vouchers so we didn't have to pay for food. Eden and I then boarded our plane to PIT. The flight attendant gave me a doggy bag full of snacks. It was so cool and creative. We then continued on the same plane to MDW. We were greeted by SWA people in the jetway. We walked over to an empty plane and sat in it for awhile. Eden and I were in the cockpit talking to a pilot brought in just to talk to us. His name was Nick Caulfield. We then went to the ramp and did the walk around for the plane. After the walk around we headed to the pilot lounge and met some cool guys there. Then we went to the parking garage to check out the city. Eden then flew home after that. I boarded my plane to BUF continuing to BWI. On this leg, the crew sang Happy Birthday to me and I got a crown made of pretzels and a toilet paper cake. It was so cool! After arriving at BWI I was down to my last leg, BWI-CVG. I talked to one of the flight attendants for a little bit and she gave me a safety card. Sadly, the end of the day had came. I landed back in Cincinnati. I flew on six flights that day adding up to 2,222 miles. It was the best day I've ever had. I just want to thank every employee involved in making my day so amazing. Most of them weren't even working but came in especially for me. SWA, you made mine and Eden's year. I LUV SWA! I'll be back next year for my third year of Southwest Birthday Trips.


Re: Jacob's Second Southwest Birthday Trip

Explorer C

I hope you come back to celebrate your fabulous birthday onboard Southwest Airlines again when the time comes.