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Knowing Why Would Help

New Arrival

2 Flights cancelled in 2 days--the first was the Denver blizzard, understandable.

Second flight--tomorrow--is it storms in the South?  It would help to understand why. I'm travelling to care for an elderly parent who underwent surgery today without a caregiver. Now arriving 2 days later, hopefully.  It would help to understand why the second flight was cancelled.


Due to the emergency nature of my travel, I was willing to stay on hold to try to find a better solution. Similar to another customer, I was also on-hold for >3 hours with no option for call back service after the first cancellation. Gave up after 3 hours after the blaring commercials and music--maybe adding an option without commercials would be a good idea so it is less miserable.


Southwest is still  my favorite, but this was disappointing.


Re: Knowing Why Would Help

Top Contributor

I think it's fair to wonder why, but really the reason doesn't change a thing and doesn't really matter.  A cancelled flight is a cancelled flight if it's weather or mechanical or crew staffing.


I'd suggest you try the live chat function in the Southwest app or send a private message via Twitter or Facebook.  Lots of other people are also attempting to rebook now so you will need to be patient.



Re: Knowing Why Would Help

Top Contributor

You can use Google or one of the other flight trackers to see where your jet was coming from in case the cancelation was related to disruption somewhere else, but that's only part of the story since planes can be swapped in and out, etc. it won't necessarily be conclusive.



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