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Looking for advice for first-timer booking honeymoon travel

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Hi everyone!

We've booked an exciting honeymoon in Kenya (safari) and the Seychelles (beach resort) for mid-September 2022. I know flights will become bookable starting in October, and since we'd love to book first or business class using awards miles which I've never done before, I want to be prepared.

Currently I have ~330k Amex points and ~108k Chase points. Not sure as to my fiancé's current balance, will check in with him but he's had the CSR since it was first offered.

Our itinerary has us arriving in Nairobi on Sunday 9/11/22 and flying out of Mahi on Friday 9/23/22. We're NYC-based, so any NY airport will do but I'm assuming JFK will provide us with the most options.

I'm looking for the best strategy on how to book (what's the best timing? ASAP once flights are available or is it better to wait?) and I'm also looking to set my expectations (eg, am I assuming I can get a lot more with my points than is actually possible?)

I'd prefer to optimize for total travel time and prefer first class to business assuming we can afford it with points and minimal fees.

Some options I've considered:


Nonstop JFK to Nairobi via Kenya Airways, flight KQ 3 (business class only, do I book via Flying Blue?)

JFK->FRA->NBO, Lufthansa first class (I read a review somewhere that booking first class LH rewards travel is difficult, is that true?)


Emirates SEZ->DXB->JFK, flights EK 708 and EK 201, first class (I think this is 160k Skywards miles)

Would love any advice or alternate flight itineraries that this group has to offer.


Re: Looking for advice for first-timer booking honeymoon travel

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This Community discusses travel on Southwest airlines.  You should probably look elsewhere for suggestions, there are plenty of other places better suited for these discussions.



Re: Looking for advice for first-timer booking honeymoon travel

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Southwest does not fly to these destinations, so we aren't going to be of much help here. You might want to find a forum or community for the airlines you are actually flying with 😉