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Lost Luggage

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On 12/09/2019 I traveled to Orlando,FL from Raleigh, NC. This was a nonstop flight that took about 1 1/2 hours. Upon arrival we had to wait to deplane because there was no "Gatekeeper" avaliable We waited about 15 minutes. After deplaning upon arrival to baggage claim I found that only 1 of my two checked bags were there. I was given an incident report and told it was possible that it was placed on a bus to Disney. The next morning when I called they told me it was left in Raleigh and they would have it that day. But nothing arrived. Since I was there for a business conferrence I had to purchase work attire immediately. Upon leaving I received a payment for some of the items I purchased and was advised to file a claim for the missing case. I did that and received a call from SW CSR Rep Tye on 1/07 telling me that she had my claim and just needed me to provide about $700 in receipts for the items that were in the bag. I did so on 1/13. Afterwards, I received a letter stating that she revealed substantial discrepancies in the information provided in my claim and was doubtful of its validity!! THE CLAIM WAS DENIED!! When I called to find out what the "discrepancies" were, she was rude and short telling me someone from another department would call me. At this point I am feed up with the run around and want to know exactly what SouthWest does to keep our lugguage safe. What grounds to you use to deny a claim? Why on earth am I having to go through this when I all I want is my luggage returned with my belongings safe? Why haven't you all requested that the cameras be pulled for the day my luggage disappeared? It seems to me that the claim is being denied because that is the easiest thing to do. I am still looking for the call from the other department on why my claim has so many "discrepancies"


Re: Lost Luggage

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Sorry you have run into trouble.


IMO the best thing for you to do is file a complaint with the custmer relations department