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Lovely flight attenant

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David B. Was beyond wonderful. As a first time mom, and traveling alone with baby. We got stuck on the plane in Dallas,TX for 3 hours. David kept checking on me. And if it looked like I needed a break, he jumped right in and helped. It was hot on the plane, so I undressed baby, as you can see. David kept all of us up to date with what was happening with the delay, and made sure everyone, not just me and baby were ok. Flight #38 June 1st from Houston had a stop in Dallas, and on to Sacramento. 


Re: Lovely flight attenant

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Great job, David!!! Hopefully your baby is now a Southwest passenger for life.

Southwest learned long ago that if you put your People first, they will take great care of the Customers and the Customers will take care of the shareholders. The other airlines still haven't figured this formula for success out.

Re: Lovely flight attenant

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